Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Understand Anyone and Everyone

Have you ever heard the phrase, have faith in what you cannot understand?
That's bunk!
I grew up being told, "No one understands God. That is what faith is for." I thought life was a never ending quest for understanding; of people, of experiences, of what life means. It was only after I was saved that through The Holy Spirit not only is understanding possible, it's what God wants for us all.
It's not that we are to have faith in what we do not understand, it's to have faith in what can not be proven and gain understanding!
Now you know I'm not an empathetic person. That is why God brought my wife into my life. She has all that I lack. But through The Holy Spirit, I have understanding. I know the meaning of life. And I can understand people. Anyone can be understood. You don't have to like a person in order to understand that person. You don't have to like every bit of a person in order to find parts of that person you really love.
Wait, you say? Never mind liking or loving anyone, how in the heck to you understand anyone? That all comes down to the image of God that we were all made in. You've heard the expression "we are all the same" well why do you think that is? Get to know things about yourself that are universal. Things like the yearning to be loved and accepted, the desire share that love with others, the desire to create and make things better. These are things built into all of us by God. Get to know these beautiful things about yourself and not only do have better insight into everyone you meet, but you better know God as well.