Friday, November 2, 2007

Longing for Love & the Meaning of Life

Everyone has a built in longing for Love. When young and foolish, we often confuse it with lust. It takes satisfying at least one of them to know they are not one in the same. In fact, the longing for Love leaves all other pursuits in the dust, for it is this longing that is the reason for being. Well that sounds so trite, "reason for being." I don't mean just a reason to get out of bed or just the spice of life, rather I mean it is the very meaning of life.
Now let me qualify; the Love I speak of, it is not just the best friend love or family love or even just the "I'll lay down my life for you" love. All very important and valuable sorts of love to be sure. I'm talking about The Love, and unless you've had it you only know the longing. It's really the ultimate combination of all sorts of love and what's more important it's returned. To be clear, this Love is unconditional. It is given abundantly without any anticipation of reciprocation and yet the smallest gesture of Love in return brings overwhelming joy.
Back to the meaning of life. This is where it gets rather heady but we are talking the meaning of life. Let's go back to the beginning. God is creative and he's created beings before, Angels even, so God has company but he's still longing for something. He's longing for Love, The Love. So how does one go about creating a being that can overwhelm it's creater? You parents know the answer to this one. That's right create a little you! He made us in His image, to have all the same characteristics, the same longings. Now wait, we are not all powerful all knowing... Well no. That's impossible. Think of it. All powerful, all knowing pretty much means only one. So what's the next best thing? Full autonomy!
Okay here's where I try to tie this up in a neat bow. (Pretty ambitious I know, after all it's just Love & the meaning of life!) The thing that makes The Love overwhelming when it is returned is that you don't expect it. How's God going to get that? Simple, like a wealthy person or royalty might conceal this information so as not to taint the courtship, God offers evidence of His Love but no proof even of His existence. So that's it, the reason we are all here, the reason I am here, the reason you are here, to Love God. Still don't understand? Well, answer this: Have you found Love or are you still longing? Want to know more? I have just The Book.