Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Devil Petitions God for Claim on America

Let us suspend all disbelief for a moment and consider:  What if the devil wanted to send around a petition for all Americans to sign making a declaration choosing one of two sides, either the devil's or God's.  The devil's intent is to shove the petition in God's face showing, by overwhelming majority, that the American people are on the side of the devil.  Now sure, over enough time, haven't we all given in to the dark side and made some declaration choosing evil over good.  So the devil did not want to save up these signatures over a long time and wait for each of us to slip up.  No, he had a plan.  He would challenge each and every one of us to choose to publicly support evil or stand up for what is right and good and he do it all in the coarse of one year, an election year.

Now almost half of the way through the year the devil's plan has gone gangbusters.  Sure some of the usual suspects were in the bag early calling for violence against police, violence in the streets, and wishing death on their enemies.  And many of us started making perhaps less public but still consequential choices to try to rescue God's people in the middle East or to support those trying to kill them.

And then there has been the more devilish deceptions of getting so many people to accept and propagate lies like "hands up don't shoot" in order to promote a benefit to a select collective or "get what is long overdue."  This one sucked a lot of well meaning people by conflating vengeance with justice, confusing equal stuff with equality and insisting the ends will justify the means.

Even though this plan is being carried out in recent months, it is obvious that preparations have been going on for a long time. How long did it take our people to unlearn what the founders found self evident?  The concept of a right of conscience is so foreign to us now that out all the government employees in all 50 states only one lone clerk in one lone county in Kentucky even had an inkling that it went against her conscience to allow her name to be used to license what her faith held to be wrong.  Never mind every member of Kentucky and many other states that didn't even have a chance to loose their right of conscience to the tyranny of a majority vote but had it removed by a handful of judges.

I'm sure the devil could easily make the case that if you actively promote the killing of babies before they are born you are already in his camp.  But being the devil, he was not satisfied with any claim of ambiguity so now those in his camp agree to force every tax payer be party to abortion, regardless of faith or conscience, by insisting on government financing of Planned Parenthood.

With the party primaries the devil really stepped things up into high gear by working to remove any ambiguous choices as the race progressed until we were left with only a choice between a constitutional conservative and all forms of evil.  And now that the door seems closed on Ted Cruz the only choice to stand on the side of good is a young pro-life Libertarian by the name of Austin Peterson who understands the right of conscience and is challenging the pro-choice old guard of his party.

Oh, did I skim over the other choices in these primaries as "all forms of evil?"  Well please allow me to expound without naming names while we examine the declarations some have made.

  • Vengeance:  "He'll stick it to them." "Time to get them back."
  • Destruction:  "The party(s) needs to be destroyed."
  • Anger:  "They deserve what's coming to them."
  • Greed:  (Seeking spoils) "What's in it for me?" "Whoever promises me the most." 
  • Tyranny:  "If they don't like it, tough." "We'll just make them."
  • Envy:  "How much money do they need?"  When you spread your wealth it's charity, when you spread someone else's it's theft.
  • Lover of Lies:  "They all lie, what's the difference?" "Okay it's not true but..." "What difference, at this point, does it make?" "He has to tell them what they want to hear"
  • Deception:  Unfounded accusations such as "Lying Ted" Most deception is based in projection so deceivers reveal themselves to anyone that doesn't want to be lied to, (see Lovers of Lies.)
  • Indifference:  "There is nothing I can do," "I won't play their game," or "My vote doesn't matter." The opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Do you care enough about your fellow man to take a stand?  
  • Hate & Intolerance:  "I blame those people." This one is hard to explain because intolerant people don't know they are intolerant.  If we don't blame ourself 1st and foremost, chances are we have hate & intolerance issues.
  • Fear:  "I have to vote against _______ or else ..." "They just want to force us to..." Most common today is the fear of religious people or fear of religion. Also the fear of descent which leads to the suppression of voices and opinion.
  • Enslavement:  "We have to vote with the party or we will loose ________" This is also what socialism does. It places all of the freedom and choices in the government's hands and thous enslaves and historically kills thousands of millions of people.
  • Entitlement:  "We should get free college." "Who is going to pay off my loans?" "It's time to get ours."

Come November we will have one last chance to choose sides.  We can use all the tactics, strategies, compromises, predictions, bargaining, deal making, and game playing devised by man or we can choose to do what is right and leave it in the hands of God.