Thursday, December 7, 2023

How can a Christian support Trump?

 How can a Christian support Trump?

I’ve heard the question asked many times since 2015 and even asked it myself in the beginning. I understand the question now more than ever.

Aren’t we really asking: How long will Christians choose to do the devil’s work?

There are small choices and there are big, very consequential choices. Electing our public servants is one of the most consequential choices we can make. 

When we make choices we should always be striving to choose good over evil. Certainly as Christians we try to do that on every single choice. Lately I’ve been trying to pray, at least a short prayer in my head, before every single choice. 

The judgment we use in making our choices is also a judgment on us. These days, all over the world, evil choices are being made and the temptation to choose evil is greater than ever. We need to guard our hearts and be clear headed using sound judgment in making our choices. We should use Godly principles to guide us, not anger, hate, fear nor vengeance. 

“Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.” --Psalm 37:8

“Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness.” --1 John 2:9

“...For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.” --1 John 14:8

“Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.” --Leviticus 19:18

How could Christians elect Trump? 

To see the answer you may have to remove the plank from your eye.

Trump was a response to the state of the political scene at the time. If your elected servants were in power leading up to 2016 then you are the reason Trump was elected. 

Since George H. W. Bush the republicans were becoming more elitist and less responsive to the people. The “Contract with America” gave back a sense of control but 9-11 and the Patriot Act reversed that trend and gave more control to the government. With Obama, that power was turned on the people. Obama’s disdain for the “tea baggers” was evident in word and deed as the full power of the bureaucracy was turned on his “enemies.” Republicans proved to be worthless in keeping promises or standing up for the people leading even Christians to conclude: There are no good people in politics.

In 2015, Trump won the Republican primary as an anti-establishment assault on the feckless republicans in power. In 2016 Trump was elected out of a righteous indignation at government overreach, failed border policy, federal funding of Planned Parenthood, and more injustice perpetrated by the Obama administration, the Democrat led Congress, and the bureaucracy. Now can anyone know how much of the anger was righteous? No. But it was not based on hate, racism nor evil intent as all of the media will tell us. 

How can a Christian support Trump still?

Next consider removing the lumber yard from your eye.

If you have been letting the media and big tech lie to you all this time, even as it gets so ridiculous that satire becomes impossible, you may not realize all the evil that your public servants are doing. I could not even recount all of the proven atrocities of this administration without filling a book or two let alone those connected to Obama, but I don’t have to. There are plenty of books already out there. I can give you a clue to start you on your own discovery if you cared. Every “crime” Trump is accused of is cover for a much bigger crime Biden, other democrats, and even some republicans are guilty of. An obvious one is election tampering: Democrats are doing everything they can and more to control who Republicans are allowed to vote for. So is the support for Trump still righteous indignation? Yes, unfortunately though it may now include some inevitable vengeance too.

Today we see the results of Democrat policies domestically as crime and violence is highest in Democrat run cities and children are groomed from a young age to mutilate themselves and hate our country, arresting Christians for protesting Planned Parenthood and murdering a January 6 protestor and jailing hundreds of political enemies some for years without trial. We see the results of Democrat foreign policies funding terrorists through Iran and struggling to support Israel or protect our citizens, humiliating us and costing lives in Afghanistan, weakening the U.S. dollar, destroying our energy sector, depleting oil reserves, depleting our weapons cache, emboldening Russia to invade Ukraine, selling out to China and bringing us closer to world war III than ever before in history.

Why do I say I understand the first question now more than ever? Maybe because I had moved on to the second question a long time ago, however I did not come to it asking: How can a Christian support Trump? I have long been asking: How can a Christian support the Democrat Party?

How do we come together as Christians and as children of God? We must all answer the second question for ourselves. Christian or not, it’s time we each choose not to do the work of the devil, not to do evil, not to support evil, not to re-elect those that do evil in our name. 

“Today I am giving you a choice between good and evil, between life and death…  between God's blessing and God's curse, and I call heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Choose life.” --Deuteronomy 30:15-19 GNT

How can we even know good from evil in today’s evil society? We should watch for what God is doing in the world. In the days of the Kings (1 & 2 Kings) they were warned to tear down the high places where false idols were worshiped. In these days it seems all the “high places,” where people place too much faith, are being torn down or humiliated. 

  • Information: The media and even Google and Facebook hide the truth and outright lie to promote an agenda.

  • Police:  You are told that your police are racist but you shouldn’t protect yourself.

  • Money:  Inflation is getting higher and higher and the government keeps spending.

  • Banking System:  The Fed won’t be audited while banks share your information with the feds.

  • World Health Organization:  Can you have faith in the world's medical system after COVID? 

  • Health & Human Services:  The head of the Dept. of Health has gender dysphoria and promotes transgendering children. 

  • Schools sexualize children, encourage fantasies & gender dysphoria while usurping parental rights. 

  • Academia churns out perpetual adolescence indoctrinated in intersectional victim ideology and obsessed with the fantasy that they can define their own pronouns.

  • The political parties ignore the will of the people and use division and strife to create power for the elite.

  • The Dept. of Justice calls Christians and parents terrorists and can’t chase down known terrorists crossing our border. 

Place all of your faith in God and God alone especially as the arbiter of truth and good from evil.

Ignore any voices telling you to hate or be violent. Ignore the accusers, demonizers, and race baiters. Anyone telling you they know the intentions of someone else is lying. Once you identify the liars, turn them off and leave them in your dust. 

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” --Ephesians 6:12

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Evil on the Rise

With so much evil in the world, how can we see God's hand turning it to good for those who love Him?
The Bible shows us that people make the same mistakes over and over. So look around and watch how Exodus plays out before your eyes. Pharaoh's heart is hardened and plague after plague come to mock the false gods. No need to pray for your enemy's destruction. Pharaoh will send his whole army into the sea. Only pray you are with God's people as He separates us from our pursuers. 
So if it is not perfectly clear who are the Pharaohs, and who are God's people then may I suggest you soften your heart before it is too late. 
To get more in depth into the analogy, there are more roles that people today are acting out. I see many people unaware of their own civic responsibilities and influence as Pharaoh of present day government. Many are content to follow direction from those they see as the authorities (see 'false gods'.) I see these people in the role of Pharaoh's army, just following orders even hating whomever they are told to hate. The fate of Pharaoh's army is worse than even the pharaoh. Remember, they are completely destroyed. These are the people that need our prayers the most. 
Unfortunately I do not really see much of Moses. I've not seen many shepherds leading God's people out of their captivity. So many of God's children are captured by the spirit of the age and so many evil ideologies. This is the kind of message I would expect to hear from the pulpit. 

Note I have not named names nor parties but if it's not clear to you than count yourself among Pharaoh's army.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Get out and VOTE but check your HATE at the door

How do we vote responsibly and be clear headed at the polls despite the hysterical political environment we find ourselves in?

  1. Get INFORMED: Know what your politicians stand for and what actions do they plan to take. Also know the history of your politician and what they have been doing. This is said so much that some take it for granted but in today's divided world of news, you can't say you know a politician until you've understood what his opposition thinks of him/her. So go out of your way to get the other viewpoint. Neither CNN nor Fox News will tell you the whole story. 
  2. Use REASON over EMOTION: It is understandable to be passionate about a cause or issue but today's media has become frenzied with click-bait and outrage. The heightened emotion can cloud the judgement. Labels as extreme as racist and rapist are thrown around without any substantiation. News shows are telling lies and half truths and putting words in peoples mouths on a regular basis. If you think the person you are voting against is a monster, chances are you have been lied to and worse, you are willing to believe the lies rather than rid your heart of the hate.
  3. You get the government you DESERVE: Know what you want and be responsible for the consequences. The fact is, this is still a government of the people, so if the government is tyrannical, you and I are tyrants. If the government is oppressive, you and I are oppressors. If you vote for a liar, and the other liar wins, can you really complain about the lying?  Bottom line is that if you are a victim of voting age, you have yourself at least partially to blame.
  4. RIGHTS over INTERESTS: Even though you are expected to vote your interests, you should never overstep your authority and trample someone's civil rights. Best example of this is, you may want to get the government involved in health care and may like Planned Parenthood and the things it does. However do you have the right to force every Catholic and Christian to participate in abortion by paying for it with tax dollars? Your interests, no matter how noble, do not overrule the 1st amendment protected civil right of freedom of conscience of those that believe in the right to life.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Devil Petitions God for Claim on America

Let us suspend all disbelief for a moment and consider:  What if the devil wanted to send around a petition for all Americans to sign making a declaration choosing one of two sides, either the devil's or God's.  The devil's intent is to shove the petition in God's face showing, by overwhelming majority, that the American people are on the side of the devil.  Now sure, over enough time, haven't we all given in to the dark side and made some declaration choosing evil over good.  So the devil did not want to save up these signatures over a long time and wait for each of us to slip up.  No, he had a plan.  He would challenge each and every one of us to choose to publicly support evil or stand up for what is right and good and he do it all in the coarse of one year, an election year.

Now almost half of the way through the year the devil's plan has gone gangbusters.  Sure some of the usual suspects were in the bag early calling for violence against police, violence in the streets, and wishing death on their enemies.  And many of us started making perhaps less public but still consequential choices to try to rescue God's people in the middle East or to support those trying to kill them.

And then there has been the more devilish deceptions of getting so many people to accept and propagate lies like "hands up don't shoot" in order to promote a benefit to a select collective or "get what is long overdue."  This one sucked a lot of well meaning people by conflating vengeance with justice, confusing equal stuff with equality and insisting the ends will justify the means.

Even though this plan is being carried out in recent months, it is obvious that preparations have been going on for a long time. How long did it take our people to unlearn what the founders found self evident?  The concept of a right of conscience is so foreign to us now that out all the government employees in all 50 states only one lone clerk in one lone county in Kentucky even had an inkling that it went against her conscience to allow her name to be used to license what her faith held to be wrong.  Never mind every member of Kentucky and many other states that didn't even have a chance to loose their right of conscience to the tyranny of a majority vote but had it removed by a handful of judges.

I'm sure the devil could easily make the case that if you actively promote the killing of babies before they are born you are already in his camp.  But being the devil, he was not satisfied with any claim of ambiguity so now those in his camp agree to force every tax payer be party to abortion, regardless of faith or conscience, by insisting on government financing of Planned Parenthood.

With the party primaries the devil really stepped things up into high gear by working to remove any ambiguous choices as the race progressed until we were left with only a choice between a constitutional conservative and all forms of evil.  And now that the door seems closed on Ted Cruz the only choice to stand on the side of good is a young pro-life Libertarian by the name of Austin Peterson who understands the right of conscience and is challenging the pro-choice old guard of his party.

Oh, did I skim over the other choices in these primaries as "all forms of evil?"  Well please allow me to expound without naming names while we examine the declarations some have made.

  • Vengeance:  "He'll stick it to them." "Time to get them back."
  • Destruction:  "The party(s) needs to be destroyed."
  • Anger:  "They deserve what's coming to them."
  • Greed:  (Seeking spoils) "What's in it for me?" "Whoever promises me the most." 
  • Tyranny:  "If they don't like it, tough." "We'll just make them."
  • Envy:  "How much money do they need?"  When you spread your wealth it's charity, when you spread someone else's it's theft.
  • Lover of Lies:  "They all lie, what's the difference?" "Okay it's not true but..." "What difference, at this point, does it make?" "He has to tell them what they want to hear"
  • Deception:  Unfounded accusations such as "Lying Ted" Most deception is based in projection so deceivers reveal themselves to anyone that doesn't want to be lied to, (see Lovers of Lies.)
  • Indifference:  "There is nothing I can do," "I won't play their game," or "My vote doesn't matter." The opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Do you care enough about your fellow man to take a stand?  
  • Hate & Intolerance:  "I blame those people." This one is hard to explain because intolerant people don't know they are intolerant.  If we don't blame ourself 1st and foremost, chances are we have hate & intolerance issues.
  • Fear:  "I have to vote against _______ or else ..." "They just want to force us to..." Most common today is the fear of religious people or fear of religion. Also the fear of descent which leads to the suppression of voices and opinion.
  • Enslavement:  "We have to vote with the party or we will loose ________" This is also what socialism does. It places all of the freedom and choices in the government's hands and thous enslaves and historically kills thousands of millions of people.
  • Entitlement:  "We should get free college." "Who is going to pay off my loans?" "It's time to get ours."

Come November we will have one last chance to choose sides.  We can use all the tactics, strategies, compromises, predictions, bargaining, deal making, and game playing devised by man or we can choose to do what is right and leave it in the hands of God.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Theory of Everything, subtitle: Scientists don't believe in Atheists.

Science and God are not in opposition.  In fact, if anyone dismisses the existence of God than that person is surly no scientist. A scientist would consider God to at least be an unproven theory.

To dismiss the existence of God one must first define God. Once you have defined God, if done so in a way that you are able to dismiss God as untrue, you can then dismiss only that definition of God. That says nothing for any other definition of God.

If you want to state that God of the Bible does not exist you must first become an expert on the Bible and be able to fully understand and explain every principle and resolve every conflict you find therein. A feat I am am sure none have fully accomplished and few have even claimed.

No, if you believe that God does not exist, then it is just that, a belief.  It is your faith, a foolhardy one, but a faith none the less. So as someone with such a baseless faith, how hypocritical of you to judge other people of faith.

Let's say you don't know if God exists but insist that no one else can know whether or not God exists. To put it another way; you believe that all religion is man-made hoax or a convenient crutch.  Here again it is a belief of yours about the beliefs of others and rather hubris of you to think you can know the mind of another.

So if you think about it, we all have beliefs, but you can also consider them personal scientific theories that we are engaged in proving or disproving to ourselves.  Put these beliefs or theories all together and they make up our own theory of everything.  Whether conscientiously or not, we are all have a theory of everything that we are continuously fine tuning.

Considering this in public discourse, as scientists, we would be wise to tolerate and listen to all theories if only for the benefit of gathering more information.

Find Hope

Hope is not found in looking away.  The urge is to ignore the current atrocities, like genocide of possibly millions of Christians and others by ISIS leaving an equal amount of refugees in their wake and our own government forcing each of us to be party to the kill & dismemberment of unborn babies and sale of the body parts.  Likewise there is no hope in distracting ourselves with frivolous issues to be outraged about.  

Hope is neither found in empty rhetoric or the pointing of blame or even in righteous indignation and public outrage. Hope is never found in hate.

Very little hope is found in saying over and over that something must be done even when finding a few people who agree.


Hope is found by taking action and doing so out of love. Working toward a solution will set our eyes on that hope. Don't let anyone, including yourself, tell you; "there is nothing I can do." The thing about the far reaching problems facing us today is that the solution too will have to be all encompassing. Far from meaning there is nothing for you and I to do, this means there is much for us to do. This may seem overwhelming but the only thing any of us has to worry about is doing our own part.

Live the hope. There is always something you can do. What action to take is as unique as the individual who takes it. The action itself can start small but it must continue so it can build upon itself.
  • The place to start for all of us is inside ourselves. Know yourself & your place in the universe. Is that too much to ask? If you think so, consider that you may already have this down if you are strong in your faith. Even still everyone could use some shoring up in this area. This is where you would find your meaning of life or at least a working theory. Take the time to know how you derive your definition of right and wrong
  • Improve yourself. We must become the person we are meant to be. This is a place to start but it is also a place to never leave. Who among us can say that they could not be better than they are right now? Get all the bad things out of your life. Challenge yourself to take 30 days to rid yourself of one bad habit or to add one good one. Then when you are done do it again.
  • Next build or rebuild the relationships with your family and friends. (Real ones first, then the ones online.) Forgive past transgressions and ask for nothing in return.
  • Then work on your community. Find ways to get involved. Do something to make the community better for everyone even if it's picking up trash or cutting a neighbor’s lawn.
  • Reach out to and do something charitable for someone or some group completely outside of your community or normal circle. If you have enemies, they are the ones I am talking about.  If you don't, try asking someone you know who they think would be your enemy ;)
  • Meanwhile if you have resources, apply them in ways you know can help. is a good place to go but if you know of another then go there or Google it. Do your own research but do it.

When to start? The best time to take action is right now.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Love like God

In God's perfect love He created each of us to fulfill a specific place in His universe. He only asks of us to fill the role we were created for, to be the friend of God in our own unique way. Others will love God in their own way.
So what are we to do if a friend or loved one does not love us in the way we need?
Love the friends you have, but do what God does, make new friends.