Saturday, November 3, 2018

Get out and VOTE but check your HATE at the door

How do we vote responsibly and be clear headed at the polls despite the hysterical political environment we find ourselves in?

  1. Get INFORMED: Know what your politicians stand for and what actions do they plan to take. Also know the history of your politician and what they have been doing. This is said so much that some take it for granted but in today's divided world of news, you can't say you know a politician until you've understood what his opposition thinks of him/her. So go out of your way to get the other viewpoint. Neither CNN nor Fox News will tell you the whole story. 
  2. Use REASON over EMOTION: It is understandable to be passionate about a cause or issue but today's media has become frenzied with click-bait and outrage. The heightened emotion can cloud the judgement. Labels as extreme as racist and rapist are thrown around without any substantiation. News shows are telling lies and half truths and putting words in peoples mouths on a regular basis. If you think the person you are voting against is a monster, chances are you have been lied to and worse, you are willing to believe the lies rather than rid your heart of the hate.
  3. You get the government you DESERVE: Know what you want and be responsible for the consequences. The fact is, this is still a government of the people, so if the government is tyrannical, you and I are tyrants. If the government is oppressive, you and I are oppressors. If you vote for a liar, and the other liar wins, can you really complain about the lying?  Bottom line is that if you are a victim of voting age, you have yourself at least partially to blame.
  4. RIGHTS over INTERESTS: Even though you are expected to vote your interests, you should never overstep your authority and trample someone's civil rights. Best example of this is, you may want to get the government involved in health care and may like Planned Parenthood and the things it does. However do you have the right to force every Catholic and Christian to participate in abortion by paying for it with tax dollars? Your interests, no matter how noble, do not overrule the 1st amendment protected civil right of freedom of conscience of those that believe in the right to life.

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