Tuesday, June 22, 2010

God knows who He is talking to.

If you don't know that God speaks to you than none of the rest of what I'm going to say will make much sense so sorry if it doesn't help but here it goes anyway:
When you are getting a message from God that He wants you to take some steps or action that will benefit someone or help to transform lives He chooses you to receive the message for a reason. You may have thought that it was because only you can accomplish it or that you are in the right place and time for the task. These may be true but what is always true is that the life most in need of transformation is yours.

"Therefore shall you lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul,..." (Deuteronomy 11:18)

Another way to put it:
Listen, and God will tell you what to do, but if what you hear is "Make your neighbor do..." then that ain't God speaking.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sorrow can bring you closer to God

We each take our own path to enlightenment. For each our path becomes part of us. Our journey builds the person we become. Some follow directions, make full use of the road signs, and use only tested well establish roads. They may live out life perfectly fine within the limits of what has already been paved.
Some more ambitious seek a better path wanting more than what the well traveled road has to offer. This person will look for trails that lead off into new directions that reason suggests may lead further than those conventional roads can take them. Paths are selected with purpose in mind for new discoveries and greater understanding. But should a path seem too impassible it will be avoided for safety's sake. Besides, there are many more paths that should still get us to our destination, what ever that may be. Still these trails may lead far into the wilderness and their uneven terrain will bring more pain to any traveler that tread them.
There is still a third type of traveler whom to other seems mad for this third traveler does not look down for even a moment to see any road trail or path. This one will focus on a direction and go toward it. Other will look on with bewilderment as the traveler, with determination and direction, runs head long into the thicket. This type of journey is filled with much more pain than any other. It will seem no one understands, for who could? No one has traveled this same path. This sort of journey is often coupled with self doubt, isolation, and increased yearning for companionship. A stronger desire to connect with another in a meaningful way.
Each person with-in them is that Image of God we were all made in. But in each of us also is the clay of the earth, that imperfect mud to fill the perfect mold. Often the clay leaves gaps as it tries to fill that mold. We use the instincts of the earth to deal with the pain of our journey. We get angry, we cast blame, we bog ourselves down in that dirt forgetting that it's the mold that is perfect. The direction of our journey, the pain of loneliness, the longing to Love and be Loved, these come from the mold in which we are all cast. It is this same Love that led to our creation! Your pain and sorrow however great it belongs to GOD. You are feeling only a small part of His great longing, His great loneliness, His great desire for Love.
As you travel always struggle to fill His image, and whatever your journey, continue it knowing that the greatest Love of all awaits you at it's end.