Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Judas Connection

If you were to ask Christians which Apostle are you most like, I would guess that most would pause long enough to appear to give reflection and then answer, "Peter, because like Peter, everyone knows I am a follower of Christ but I may be caught in a moment of denial every now and then."  This is the comfortable answer sprinkled with just a dash of humility.  However, if we are to be honest with ourselves, can we really say that we are like Peter, fully intending to live and even die for Jesus only to be surprised and deeply disheartened when we fail? Or are we in fact most like Judas and can admit to at least one other authority in our lives that we refuse to let go of? We know the story of Judas, right?  Why do you think that is?  Do you think "Almost all of the Bible applies to me but not that part. No. That part is for someone else."  This is one truth that we all like to ignore but that makes it all the more true.

Like Judas we try to follow Christ.  We know we are chosen and are loved by Him. We have committed almost all of our lives to being His follower. ALMOST. But despite all we have learned and all we have grown with Christ, there is still at least one part of our old life we hold on to.  Maybe it's one "reality" that we can't just ignore.  Maybe it's one little vise that nobody knows about so it's hurting no one.  Perhaps it's just "the way of the world" or the things that "everyone has to do to survive."  We ask forgiveness every Sunday knowing full well that we can return to our old ways as soon as the regular work week resumes.

It is our connection and obedience to something else (sin) that will be used to betray Christ!  Judas too could rationalize that it was reasonable to still listen to the Chief Priests of his old life, just as we continue to allow something else to lord over part of our own life.  We too rationalize a need for it. "Everyone does it," "I need the release," "It's part of real life," "It's how I earn a few extra pieces of silver."