Thursday, April 6, 2023

Evil on the Rise

With so much evil in the world, how can we see God's hand turning it to good for those who love Him?
The Bible shows us that people make the same mistakes over and over. So look around and watch how Exodus plays out before your eyes. Pharaoh's heart is hardened and plague after plague come to mock the false gods. No need to pray for your enemy's destruction. Pharaoh will send his whole army into the sea. Only pray you are with God's people as He separates us from our pursuers. 
So if it is not perfectly clear who are the Pharaohs, and who are God's people then may I suggest you soften your heart before it is too late. 
To get more in depth into the analogy, there are more roles that people today are acting out. I see many people unaware of their own civic responsibilities and influence as Pharaoh of present day government. Many are content to follow direction from those they see as the authorities (see 'false gods'.) I see these people in the role of Pharaoh's army, just following orders even hating whomever they are told to hate. The fate of Pharaoh's army is worse than even the pharaoh. Remember, they are completely destroyed. These are the people that need our prayers the most. 
Unfortunately I do not really see much of Moses. I've not seen many shepherds leading God's people out of their captivity. So many of God's children are captured by the spirit of the age and so many evil ideologies. This is the kind of message I would expect to hear from the pulpit. 

Note I have not named names nor parties but if it's not clear to you than count yourself among Pharaoh's army.