Friday, August 21, 2015

Theory of Everything, subtitle: Scientists don't believe in Atheists.

Science and God are not in opposition.  In fact, if anyone dismisses the existence of God than that person is surly no scientist. A scientist would consider God to at least be an unproven theory.

To dismiss the existence of God one must first define God. Once you have defined God, if done so in a way that you are able to dismiss God as untrue, you can then dismiss only that definition of God. That says nothing for any other definition of God.

If you want to state that God of the Bible does not exist you must first become an expert on the Bible and be able to fully understand and explain every principle and resolve every conflict you find therein. A feat I am am sure none have fully accomplished and few have even claimed.

No, if you believe that God does not exist, then it is just that, a belief.  It is your faith, a foolhardy one, but a faith none the less. So as someone with such a baseless faith, how hypocritical of you to judge other people of faith.

Let's say you don't know if God exists but insist that no one else can know whether or not God exists. To put it another way; you believe that all religion is man-made hoax or a convenient crutch.  Here again it is a belief of yours about the beliefs of others and rather hubris of you to think you can know the mind of another.

So if you think about it, we all have beliefs, but you can also consider them personal scientific theories that we are engaged in proving or disproving to ourselves.  Put these beliefs or theories all together and they make up our own theory of everything.  Whether conscientiously or not, we are all have a theory of everything that we are continuously fine tuning.

Considering this in public discourse, as scientists, we would be wise to tolerate and listen to all theories if only for the benefit of gathering more information.

Find Hope

Hope is not found in looking away.  The urge is to ignore the current atrocities, like genocide of possibly millions of Christians and others by ISIS leaving an equal amount of refugees in their wake and our own government forcing each of us to be party to the kill & dismemberment of unborn babies and sale of the body parts.  Likewise there is no hope in distracting ourselves with frivolous issues to be outraged about.  

Hope is neither found in empty rhetoric or the pointing of blame or even in righteous indignation and public outrage. Hope is never found in hate.

Very little hope is found in saying over and over that something must be done even when finding a few people who agree.


Hope is found by taking action and doing so out of love. Working toward a solution will set our eyes on that hope. Don't let anyone, including yourself, tell you; "there is nothing I can do." The thing about the far reaching problems facing us today is that the solution too will have to be all encompassing. Far from meaning there is nothing for you and I to do, this means there is much for us to do. This may seem overwhelming but the only thing any of us has to worry about is doing our own part.

Live the hope. There is always something you can do. What action to take is as unique as the individual who takes it. The action itself can start small but it must continue so it can build upon itself.
  • The place to start for all of us is inside ourselves. Know yourself & your place in the universe. Is that too much to ask? If you think so, consider that you may already have this down if you are strong in your faith. Even still everyone could use some shoring up in this area. This is where you would find your meaning of life or at least a working theory. Take the time to know how you derive your definition of right and wrong
  • Improve yourself. We must become the person we are meant to be. This is a place to start but it is also a place to never leave. Who among us can say that they could not be better than they are right now? Get all the bad things out of your life. Challenge yourself to take 30 days to rid yourself of one bad habit or to add one good one. Then when you are done do it again.
  • Next build or rebuild the relationships with your family and friends. (Real ones first, then the ones online.) Forgive past transgressions and ask for nothing in return.
  • Then work on your community. Find ways to get involved. Do something to make the community better for everyone even if it's picking up trash or cutting a neighbor’s lawn.
  • Reach out to and do something charitable for someone or some group completely outside of your community or normal circle. If you have enemies, they are the ones I am talking about.  If you don't, try asking someone you know who they think would be your enemy ;)
  • Meanwhile if you have resources, apply them in ways you know can help. is a good place to go but if you know of another then go there or Google it. Do your own research but do it.

When to start? The best time to take action is right now.