Friday, August 21, 2015

Theory of Everything, subtitle: Scientists don't believe in Atheists.

Science and God are not in opposition.  In fact, if anyone dismisses the existence of God than that person is surly no scientist. A scientist would consider God to at least be an unproven theory.

To dismiss the existence of God one must first define God. Once you have defined God, if done so in a way that you are able to dismiss God as untrue, you can then dismiss only that definition of God. That says nothing for any other definition of God.

If you want to state that God of the Bible does not exist you must first become an expert on the Bible and be able to fully understand and explain every principle and resolve every conflict you find therein. A feat I am am sure none have fully accomplished and few have even claimed.

No, if you believe that God does not exist, then it is just that, a belief.  It is your faith, a foolhardy one, but a faith none the less. So as someone with such a baseless faith, how hypocritical of you to judge other people of faith.

Let's say you don't know if God exists but insist that no one else can know whether or not God exists. To put it another way; you believe that all religion is man-made hoax or a convenient crutch.  Here again it is a belief of yours about the beliefs of others and rather hubris of you to think you can know the mind of another.

So if you think about it, we all have beliefs, but you can also consider them personal scientific theories that we are engaged in proving or disproving to ourselves.  Put these beliefs or theories all together and they make up our own theory of everything.  Whether conscientiously or not, we are all have a theory of everything that we are continuously fine tuning.

Considering this in public discourse, as scientists, we would be wise to tolerate and listen to all theories if only for the benefit of gathering more information.


spinningkat said...

I think that our entire lives, we go about gathering evidence..puzzle to why we are here. That is the measure of a life. And we must ask ourselves, "what have I learned?" Hopefully, if we truly paid attention, we have figured that the answer to why we are here lies with the One that made us. Because He and his angels have left clues for us to find, all along the path of our life's journeys. If we did not notice the clues, the little gifts God leaves us...a beautiful sunny day, a breeze on our necks, right when we needed it, the solution to a problem, just when we needed it, the smile from our child that gives cheer on a tough day....well then we did not get the answer to why we are here. I call it willful ignorance. And there is way too much of it in the world. And that is what gives way to depression, substance abuse, and just general unhappiness. That is my theory...And I am sticking to it. Though, always interested in hearing other points of view.

alexanderofyork said...

That is a brilliant and beautiful theory. I concur, and if no objection, incorporate it into my own. Thank you SpinningKat.