Monday, December 10, 2012

What if Hate were the Mark of the Beast?

We've all heard of the end times prophecy of people taking the mark of the beast to pledge allegiance to the anti-Christ. There are many good studies on this topic and this is not one of them.  I only am asking to consider the question, what if taking the mark was as simple as allowing yourself to hate someone or some group of people. What if being rallied by the popular hate of the day is all it takes to put you under the spell and control of the Devil? If hate is the mark, have you taken it?  Have you put it at the center of your head? Have you marked your hand with it?

It seems to me that, while the Holy Spirit is on the move in this world, so is Hate.  It has become so popular today to hate.  Hate the Christians. Hate the atheists. Hate the press. Hate talk radio.  Hate the Republicans. Hate the Democrats.  Hate the rich.  They have to pay! 

Take the last one for example. Why would so many insist on raising taxes on "the rich?"  Everyone who examines the issue knows it will not solve anything.  It will not increase revenue to the government. Even if it would defy all previous proofs in history and bring in money to the government, it would at best cover expenses of our government for only 8 days and will surely cost jobs with small business.  So why the insistence on getting everyone in Washington to join in with this destructive path?

Hate may not be the mark of the beast but it is most certainly a very powerful tool for manipulation and maybe it's only the first little hook or rallying flag for the armies of people who WILL take the mark when the time comes.

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