Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unified Theory of Everything, Chapter 0

Before the Beginning
I am
Everyone starts at the beginning, but the beginning is pretty spectacular and even more so considering what preceded it. What I present here is a theory or hypothesis, not provable directly but testable by applying it as a filter in discerning truth in day to day life.  Please consider this rationally. “Place reason firmly in her seat...” if you will.  I’m going to ask you to use both reason and your imagination in equal measure.

Consider pre-existence.  It’s really only a concept that cannot be defined nor described but here we go… before everything there is nothing and no one, no matter, no energy, no light, no sound, no words, no thought.  It is complete and utter darkness and silence.

Now, for the sake of understanding, put yourself there.  I know it’s a contradiction (at least,) but let us suspend the physics of it and there you are, no where, and unaware.  Remember, this is before time and existence. In the midst of this vast emptiness there is you.  But you don’t know it at first. You haven’t had a thought yet. Then at some point you think about it or perhaps it’s not at any particular point but you find yourself thinking and before you know it your thought exists and you realize this thought is yours and therefore, you exist. Every new thought is added to you and your existence. Thought is added to thought and more thought is added to that. With each new thought more thought is provoked with more than a few ways of thinking about each. With every new way of thinking a new dimension is created and the more you think the more there is and the more there is the more to think of.  Who knows the bounds of such existence where the very thought of it expands it so, and even time itself is but one of these thoughts.

Now stepping out of character for a moment, you may be asking "is this the universe?" I did say we are talking about before the beginning and therefore before the universe.  Do not be alarmed, I have not jumped ahead, for as much as may be filling your head we are still only in one single mind, the only one for the moment.  At this point, the one that is the sum of all existence has not ventured beyond creating more than thought but from thought comes ideas and ideas tend to take on their own existence.  Okay now I may be getting ahead of myself.

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