Saturday, December 28, 2013

Are you a fan of 'happily ever after"?

Are you a fan of those stories or movies in which the ending is so far over the top better than could ever happen in real life?  You know like the love story in which the lovers are up against impossible odds, and it seems like there is no way that they could end up together but the one character seems to move heaven and earth and sacrifices all in order to make it happen.  Or there's the kind of story where the little known underdog of a person turns out to have unique undiscovered purpose that he/she is destine for, or they are the sole heir of great riches and/or a kingdom.

What if I told you there was one story that was better than any you had ever heard and that it had all of these elements and more?  It is an epic tale of love that overcomes the most impossible odds that in the end not only are they united but one finds out that they are heir to the greatest kingdom ever.  As amazing as that sounds there is more.  It is not a tale but a true story began in ancient times and is culminating in the present day.

And yet, I have not told you the most amazing part of it.  YOU are the co-star of the story.  Yes, you!  You are the love interest for which all of heaven and earth is moved.  You are the one that will come into a great inheritance. You are the unique individual for whom God has a plan and purpose that you are destine to fulfill.

Are you ready to read the love letters that have been written for you by the Prince of Peace?  They begin "In the beginning..." and have been waiting for you almost as long.  Pick up The Bible and lets get to that happily ever after!

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