Wednesday, July 30, 2014

God never stops talking.

I have often felt frustrated & said to myself "why has God stopped talking to me?" When I finally get around to being honest with myself I think back on when I last thought I may have heard from God. Usually it was a conversation something like this:
me: "God what do you want me to do with my life?
God: "Love Me & allow Me to love you."
me: "I know, but specifically? Do what?"
God: "Okay, do this one thing..."
me: "right, okay but then what?"
God: "then these two things..."
me: "okay, but where will that take me?
God: "Where I want you to be" 
me: "for what?"
God: "for Me to tell you what is next."
me: "What will I do after that? I mean what's this leading to? This doesn't make sense. Is this really God?"
God: Sigh
After long pause,
me: "God tell me what to do."
God: "Do these three things..."
So it usually goes & even on the occasion that I am able to remember I had such a conversation, I'm usually less clear on the things that I was supposed to do or even how many things it was.
If you too ever get to a place where you don't hear God speaking to you and you can't even remember the last conversation you had with God, do what I do:  Go all the way back to the one where God said; "Do these ten things..." and then, actually do them.

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